Photosynthesis System With Chlorophyll Fluorescence GFS-3000

Features of GFS 3000 Portable Gas Exchange Fluorescence System

  • Highly accurate 4-channel infrared gas analyzer (2 x CO2 and 2 x H2O abs., 20 cm optical path)

  • Analyzer in main console, for a effective gas stability not effected by temperature fluctuation due to condensation and also movement of Analyzer at time of taking data.

  • Effective temperature control (10 degree below ambient temp. to +50oC)

  • Integrated H2O control for drying and humidifying (0 to 100% Rh) with flow indicator and built in Humidifier.

  • Integrated CO2 control (0 to 2000 ppm, supply via cartridges or cylinders) with flow Indicator and facility to read reserve residual CO2 gas in Cartridge.

  • LED light control (0 to 2000 µmol m-2 s-1 PAR)

  • Simultaneous assessment of chlorophyll fluorescence with PAM LED Array Fluorometer modules as standard. (Optional : Dual-PAM/Imaging-PAM/MINI-PAM).

  • Oxygen Sensor for recording actual Oxygen concentration during Photosynthesis/Fluorescence measurement.  (Optional) 

  • Operated via an integrated PC with a large LC- display (11.5 cm x 8.6 cm), which allow excellent graphical plots.

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