Spercification Of Horizontal Agarose Electrophoresis System

MINI Horizontal AE-6100
Gel Size : 8 x 10 cm, Gel thickness : upto 10 mm
Comb : 10 wells, 1 mm thickness
Buffer Volume: 300-500 mL
Includes electrophoresis chamber incl. safety lid with power leads, UV-transparent gel tray, 1 roll of seal tape,
comb holder, 1-mm 10-well comb and clip, ready to cast & run a 10-well gel

MIDI Horizontal AE-6111
Gel Size : 12 x 16 cm
Comb: 1mm, double-tooth comb 26 & 13 wells
Buffer Volume: 700-1200mL
Should be supplied with Electrophoresis chamber incl. safety lid with power leads, 1216 cm gel tray with 2 dams,
comb holder, double-tooth comb for 1 mm, 26 & 13 wells

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