Infrared Radiometer Sensor :

Apogee Instruments Infrared Radiometers (IRRs) measure surface temperature by converting thermal energy radiated from any surface in its field-of-view (FOV) to an electrical signal with a response time less than 1 second. Each IRR carries an impressive uncertainty of 0.2C at 95% confidence to ensure accurate measurements. The resilient 8-14 m germanium window corresponds to the atmospheric window in order to minimize the effects of water bands below 8 m and above 14 m.

The Meter has following special features :

  • Most accurate infrared radiometer on the market
  • Measures surface temperature rapidly
  • Uncertainty of 0.3C (95% confidence)
  • 8-14 m germanium atmospheric window
  • 8-14 m germanium atmospheric window
  • Radiation shield included
  • Multiple field of view (FOV) options
  • Calibrated target temperature range from -30 to 65C
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Four year warrant
  • Model









    Specification :

    Spectral Range: 8 to 14 m; atmospheric window Measurement Repeatability: < 0.05 C Stability (Long-term Drift): less than 2 % change in slope per year Response Time: 0.2 s Field of View: SI-111 22 half angle SI-121 18 half angle SI-131 14 half angle SI-1H1 32 horizontal half angle; 13 vertical half angle SI-411 22 half angle SI-421 18 half angle SI-431 14 half angle SI-4H1 32 horizontal half angle; 13 vertical half angle

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