NIR Analyser

Unity’s offers Near Infrared (NIR) bench-top and at-line analyzers for agricultural, food, beverage, meat, dairy, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and industrial samples. For process we offer near infrared diode array spectrometers and photometers. Unity offers a broad range of calibrations so you can start analyzing immediately, we can also easily transfer your existing calibrations from other brand systems in a matter of minutes with the ability to continue expansion of your database. If you are starting a new calibration, Unity will assist you in developing a custom calibration.

SPECTRA STAR 2400 : 1200 – 2400 nm
SPECTRA STAR 2500 : 1100 – 2500 nm
SPECTRA STAR 2500X : 680  – 2500 nm
INFRA STAR    :  1400 – 2400 nm

Models available in Rotating / Static Top Window and Rotating / Static Drawer Version.

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