Chlorophyll Fluorescence System (For Photosystem II & I study)

PAM-2500 Portable Chlorophyll Fluorometer

» For basic and applied research; plant screening

» Fully computer controlled; optional ultra-mobile PC for field work and touch screen operation

» Optional accessories for algae and cyanobacteria

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MONITORING-PAM Multi-Channel Chlorophyll Fluorometer

For long-term monitoring of chlorophyll fluorescence in the field

Robust and versatile measuring system to fluorimetrically survey photosystem II efficiencies over periods of weeks and months even under harsh weather conditions.

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Photosynthesis Yield Analyser/Chlorophyll Fluorometer Model MINI-PAM - II

» The MINI-PAM Chlorophyll Fluorometer specializes in the evaluation of the effective quantum yield of photochemical energy conversion in Photosystem-II.

» It applies very weak pulse-modulated light from light emitting diode (LED) to excite fluorescence, and measures Yield of PS-II(Y-II), Fo, Fm. Fm’, F, Fv/Fm (max. yield), dF/Fm’ (effective yield), qP, qN, NPQ, PAR and temp., ETR etc.

» Additional Accessories Oxygen Sensor, LED Light Source, Barcode Scanner, etc.

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JUNIOR-PAM Chlorophyll Fluorometer

» Economically priced chlorophyll PAM fluorometer for basic research

» PC-operated, 5 V USB-powered PAM fluorometer for basic and advanced experiments involving quenching analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence by the saturation pulse method

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DUAL-PAM-100 Measuring System

» For simultaneous assessment of Chlorophyll Fluorescence & P700

» Successor of the well-known PAM-101/102/103 system; various versions for measurements with leaves and suspensions; highly compact due to innovative opto-electronics

» Accessories for NADPH, P515/535 etc measurements

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IMAGING-PAM M-Series Chlorophyll Fluorescence System

» For a wide range of chlorophyll fluorescence imaging applications, 3 basic versions based on different Measuring Heads (MAXI, MINI and MICROSCOPY-Version)

» Application:- Ecotoxicology, phytopathology, plant stress physiology, plant molecular biology, horticulture and agriculture.

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Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging System with 3D Scanner

» Chlorophyll Fluorescence Images System with 3D images for the study of Photosystem –II and Phenotyping data/digital biomass.

» Manual turntable enables researchers to measure single potted plants with a rosette of 10cm maximum diameter.

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