Ethylene Detector Model ETD 300

Details/description :-

» Simple to operate and weighing less than a kilogram, the F-950 uses an electrochemical cell to measure Ethylene between 0-200 ppm Ethylene in air.

» It records date, time, relative humidity, temperature, and GPS location. The F-950 is ideal for measuring ethylene production across a wide range of fruit types and is especially suitable for managing ethylene emissions from perishable cut produce products.

» Fast sampling

» Injectable sampling for analyzing small volumes

» High ethylene sensitivity (Resolution 0.1 ppm)

» Carbon dioxide sensing (0-20%)

» Oxygen sensing (0-100%)

» Broad operating range (0-45o C; 0-90% RH)

» Compact handheld design

» Built-in data logging with removable storage (4 GB SD card)

» Replaceable rechargeable batteries

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