Light Source


Coverage area: 18" x 48" of growing surface at one foot above the plant material (as sole lighting source for high-light requirement plants)
Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (400-700nm) promotes photosynthesis
More power per Watt than any other horticultural lighting fixture
Fanless fixture design keep LEDs running cool
Operates safely without high voltage
Uses 50% less power than T8 fluorescents
Eligible for energy utility rebates
RoHS compliant
Mercury free
Long lasting
Individually adjustable Red, White and Blue balance knobs allow precise 3-channel spectral control
Compatible with automated control systems
View mode (white) for plant inspection
Smart Volt auto-switching and regulating power supply adjusts to appropriate voltage for international

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Light Source/ Lighting Unit Model FL 460

Features :

The Lighting Unit FL-460 uses a halogen lamp as light source, but distributes the light with fiberoptics. This enables the advantages of the halogen lamp, namely high light intensity and a light spectrum similar to sunlight, to be utilized. The fiberoptics provides good light distribution complemented by almost completely filtering out the infrared radiation.

Range: Max. 2500 µmol m-2 s-1 PAR
Light intensity control: Electronic adjustment (6 steps), mechanical aperture (5 steps), neutral density filters (NG5, NG11), remote control

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