Aspirated Radiation Shield

After several years of development, Apogee Instruments is proud to release our high-efficiency aspirated radiation shield (model TS-100) representing a major advance in the measurement of air temperature and humidity. Its high performance and low-power consumption make it an excellent choice for both installation on AC powered weather stations and as a viable option for upgrading the accuracy of DC and solar powered stations through the replacement of error-prone naturally aspirated shields.

The Aspirated Radiation Shield has following special features

  • Accuracy within ± 0.05 C when compared to replicate R. M. Young and Met One aspirated shields (a year of field test data with precision thermistors in multiple shields)
  • Precision thermistor, with low thermal conductivity lead wire, preinstalled at no extra charge
  • Internal fan has an industry-leading IP55 rating for durability in all climates, from desert to maritime to arctic
  • Requires a current of only 80 mA at 12 V DC (one Watt), making it a viable option for use on remote solar powered weather stations
  • Configurable for low power at night and during windy or cloudy weather using pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Coanda style inlet enhances air intake in both still air and strong cross winds
  • Configurable for use with PRTs and all major humidity probes
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance
  • Four (4) year warranty
  • Model


    Specification :

    Difference Among Individual Replicate Shields: C Aspiration Rate: 6 m s-1 at full speed; 3 m s-1 at half speed Fan Input Voltage Requirement: 12 V DC Fan Current Drain: 80 mA at full speed; 25 mA at half speed

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