Automatic Weather Station

Aws-1 Automatic Weather Station

  1. Full-featured weather stations has sensor ( Evapotranspiration (ETo), Wind Speed and Direction, Rainfall, Dew Point, Solar Radiation, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity) and external sensor port
  2. Customize your station with plug-in sensors to meet your needs
  3. Accurate, real-time weather information directly from your orchard or vineyard
  4. Monitor, record and analyze over a dozen important growing conditions
  5. Log your data in fail-safe, non-volatile memory
  6. Choose measurement intervals from 1 to 60 minutes (holds 183 days of data with a 30 minute interval)
  7. Multiple PCs can access the station without impacting a master data collection plan.
  8. Leaf Wetness and  
  9. Use the LCD Display to check current and daily high/low readings without a PC
  10. 12-month battery power with four AA lithium batteries. Four AA alkaline batteries included for 10-month life.


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