Discrete Analysers

Easychem 200

Fully automated analyzer based on Direct Reading Discrete Analysis technology, sample capacity from 60 up to 75 positions dedicated to samples.

  • Cooled reagents tray with capacity from 12 up to 27 reagents bottles
  • Temperature controlled Reaction tray containing up to 80 reaction cuvettes, washable & reusable after QC check
  • Colorimetric detector including 9 position filter wheel for automatic wavelength selection
  • Pre or post run sample autodilution
  • Samples throughput: up to 200 tests per hour,

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The EasyChem Plus discrete analyzer meets the demands of the changing marketplace, without compromising performance. EasyChem Plus is a flexible instrument able to perform several different tests all on the same sample, without operator intervention.

EasyChem Plus requires no specific experience to operate, and can be learned by anyone in a matter of minutes. Operation consists of simply loading the sample tray, selecting the tests to be performed, and “clicking” start. It’s that simple! Labor costs are greatly reduced and productivity increased, by enabling the technician to perform other tasks.

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Easychem ECO

This fully automated analyzer is based on Discrete analysis technology, with 104 positions samples tray including reference solutions and controls

Samples throughput: 60 test per hour (20 samples, 3 parameters each).

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State-of-the-art Direct Read Discrete Analyzer for automated determination of acute toxicity in water samples based on bioluminescent bacteria, up to 45 tests per hour throughput.

  • Up to 40 reagents and controls can be loaded into the refrigerated compartment and distributed on 4 removable racks with 8 positions each (50 ml containers), with 8 extra position for 25 ml containers 10/20 ml containers can be adapted
  • 4 universal, separate racks for continuous loading of samples; each rack contains up to 15 samples (2 ml or 4 ml cups and/or 10-15 ml tubes), 8 extra positions for diluents; tubes size: 10-15 mm diam. and 40-100 mm height;

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