Flow Cytometer

The Patented “Lab On Chip” New-Generation Flow Cytometer Model Ampha Z-32 : An alternative Cell Analysis Technology.

Ampha Z-32 provides powerful tool to test pollen viability thereby helping to increase the yield of high quality seed and to reduce the cost of production (for example by increasing the female-to-male ratio and the yield per plant).

In addition to pollen, the label-free technology is suitable for analysis of virtually any kind of single cells revealing characteristics such as cell size and morphology, viability (apoptosis), or cell differentiation. The patented, "lab-on-chip" solution eliminates time-consuming, complex sample preparation steps like cell labelling and the need of expensive laboratory infrastructure.
Example of application : -
Classical viability analyses, replacing standard staining methods (FDA, DAPI, etc.):-

QC for germplasm preservation
Screening for factors affecting pollen viability (heat, pesticides, parasites, growth conditions etc.)
Optimization of conditions for high quality pollen production and timing of pollination
Optimization of conditions for DH production
Selection for CMS (cytoplasmic male sterility)
Determination of developmental stages in pollen
Screening for polyploidy
Detection of bacterial or fungal infections

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