PH Potassium Calcium Sodium Nitrate EC Meter Model LAQUA Twin

New “Professional Grade” Meters


· Measure samples in nutrient solutions, water, soils, and tissue sap
· Waterproof pocket-sized meter with digital calibration
· Sensors store dry and are field replaceable
· Accuracy correlates well with laboratory analysis
· Unique flat sensor allows you to conveniently and accurately measure samples as small as 0.3 ml
· Automatic temperature compensation, waterproof, auto power-off
· Includes two CR2032 batteries, case and calibration standards


· 2103AL LAQUA Twin pH Meter
· 2400GL LAQUA Twin Potassium (K+) Meter
· 2450L LAQUA Twin Calcium (Ca2+) Meter
· 2500GL LAQUA Twin Sodium (Na+) Meter
· 2305GL LAQUA Twin Nitrate (NO3-) Meter
· 2205L LAQUA Twin EC (EC) Meter

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