Photosynthesis System

Portable Photosynthesis System Model CI-340 (For Ambient Condition)


* Portable, lightweight, hand held IRGA system.

* Absolute and differential Non-dispersive Infrared Gas Analyser.

* System can be used for both Open as well as Closed system    measurement technique.

* The only system available for 9 -erchangeable leaf chamber    heads for different types of leaves.

* The Chamber will be directly connected to the analyser, therefore    very accurate and fast response.

* Uses Infrared non-contact type leaf temperature sensor, which is    most accurate and non-fragile.

* Measures photosynthesis transpiration, stomatal    conductance/resistance, CO2 internal concentration, CO2 in,     CO2    out, H2O in, H2O out, RH in,    RH out, leaf temperature, air    temperature, PAR, etc.

* System can be upgraded for measurement of soil respiration and    plant canopy photosynthesis with optional     attachment.

* System can be upgraded for measurement of modulated    chlorophyll fluorescence with optional attachment.

* System can be upgraded for control attachments of CO2 / H2O,    Light control, Temperature control & chlorophyll     fluorescence for    controlled    microclimate environmental studies.

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