Plant Pen NDVI

The Z951 NDVI-Pen is a hand-held battery-powered PlantPen that helps to characterize plants by means of reflectance. The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), an important indicator of chlorophyll content in plants, is calculated from measurements of reflected light at two distinct wavelengths, Red (635nm) and NIR (760 nm).

the Z951 NDVI-Pen is rugged and compact . It can be used in the field, in the plant biology lab or in teaching plant biology . A handy leaf clip, simple two-button operation, and a bright display make this PlantPen an easy-to-use instrument that does not disturb investigated plants (no leaf tearing or damaging).

It takes four AAA alkaline batteries and is supplied in a robust case. The memory of NDVI-Pen has a capacity of 4 MB (up to 100,000 data points). Measured data are numbered and may be recalled in sequence for later transcription to a computer. More sophisticated models incorporate Bluetooth technology, USB dongle or a Serial Port for data transfer to a PDA or PC.  In addition to NDVI-Pen we also offer the Z950 PRI-Pen, which measures the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI).

We also offer non-standard PlantPens that can measure other structural or chlorophyll indices. The customer can choose, for instance, from the Greenness Index, Modified Chlorophyll Absorption in Reflectance Index, Triangular Vegetation Index, Simple Ratio Index, Optimized Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index, and many others. For more information and custom pricing contact Qubit Systems at Contact Qubit.

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