Portable analyzers


µMAC-1000 is an on-line portable analyzer, available either in mono or sequential mutiparametric configuration (µMAC-1000 MP), providing the highest level of analytical automation.

µMAC-1000 is the only high sensitivity multiparametric portable analyzer in the market; it uses the well known wet chemistry methods normally used in the laboratories.

The analyzer can measure any type of water samples; a wide range of applications is available, including high sensitivity methods for nutrients analysis in seawater.

Easy to use Sample analysis using µMAC-1000, is easy and friendly; the operator can run a sample only selecting a two keys analysis function on the integrated keyboard.

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µMAC-Smart is a portable analyzer fully controlled by an integrated PC with integrated colour Touch Screen, specifically designed for at site monitoring of all water resources.

µMAC-Smart is robust and reliable: the analyzer is mounted in a compact and easy-to-transport plastic case including room for reagents and all other accessories. A reagent frame holds all reagent bottles and required solutions.

The analyzer is easy to be installed and it is designed for easy operations, the analyzer can be used at site after a quick training. It is delivered from factory fully tested and ready to use reagent kits are available for all standard measurements. Results are stored inside the analyzer memory and can be downloaded through the USB port .Analyzer start up and operations have never been easier! Just turn on and insert the reagents: a simple software will guide the operator through all necessary steps.

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