Seed Morphology & Disease Analysis

Seed Morphology & Analysis Model WinSEEDLE is an image analysis system specifically designed for needle and seed morphology and disease analysis.

To digitize needles or seeds, WinSEEDLE uses an optical scanner with a special lighting system instead of a video camera. Scanners produce high resolution images free of illumination problems. It automatically detects and analyzes needles much more precisely than conventional area meters (conveyor or camera-based type).

WinSEEDLE is available in two different versions, REGULAR AND PRO

The REGULAR VERSION measures the following parameters:

  • Total projected area
  • Individual and average projected area
  • Individual and average straight length (length measured from end to end in a straight line)
  • Individual and average curved length (length measured from end to end following the needle/seed center)
  • Individual and average maximum width
  • Individual and average curvature
  • Needle/seed count
  • Individual and average volume (estimated from projected area and 3 dimensional model)
  • Individual and average surface area (estimated from projected area and 3 dimensional model)
  • Perimeter

The PRO VERSION does all of the above measurements plus the following:

  • Color measurement for disease quantification

Additional features of both versions

  • Measurement of straight or curved needles/seeds
  • Automatic filtering of defects and debris
  • Interactive image edition
  • Measurements are visible in the images. Corrections can be done by the operator before saving data.
  • Special lighting system to avoid shadows during image acquisition
  • Data saved in ASCII format for easy transfer to data analysis or data visualization software
  • Batch scanning and analysis: to scan and store images of needles and analyze them later
  • Histogram of needle/seed length, width or area displayed on screen during measurement

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