Ultraviolet Sensor

Ultraviolet Sensor

Low levels of UV light have a positive effect on plant growth and seed germination but higher levels can be harmful and even toxic. UV sensors can be used to measure the light intensity from 250 nanometers to 400 nanometers, whether the source is the sun, fluorescent lights, germicidal lamps or other sources of UV radiation.

The Meter has following special features :

  1. Measures combined UVA and UVB radiation
  2. Self-cleaning, dome-shaped head
  3. Measure UV filtering of various materials
  4. Test UV stability of products
  5. Also available in multi-sensor “line quantum” models for spatially-averaged measurements
  6. Custom options available
  7. Four year warranty
  8. Model


    Specification :

    Spectral Range: 250 nm to 400 nm Measurement Repeatability: Response Time: Field of View: 180o

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