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Light Sensor/Meter

Quantum(PAR) Sensor with Meter /Datalogger:
» Research grade measurement of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), PPF, and PPFD
» Apogee Instruments Quantum sensors are a trusted standard for measuring PAR by agricultural professionals all over the world.
» PPFD measurements over plant canopies in outdoor environments, greenhouses, and growth chambers, and reflected or under canopy (transmitted) PPFD measurements in the same environments.
  » On-Spot Monitoring: Sensors with Meter, Sensor with USB output with memory
» Long time monitoring: Sensors compatible with external Data-Logger, Sensor with Apogee MicroCache Bluetooth Logger; Sensor with USB output & storage facility

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Red - Far-red and unique PAR-FAR sensors:
» Apogee's new research-grade Red - Far-red and unique PAR-FAR sensors are excellent, cost-effective tools for measuring the output of plant lights for photobiology and plant morphogenic studies.
» The red - far-red sensor has a spectral range of 645 to 665 nm ± 5 nm (red) and 720 to 740 nm ± 5 nm (far-red).
» The PAR-FAR sensor has a spectral range of 400 to 700 nm ± 5 nm (PAR) and 702 to 761 nm ± 5 nm (Far-red).

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UV-A Sensors NEW:
» Measure total radiation from 300 to 400 nm
» Apogee Instruments' ultraviolet (UV-A) sensor provides a cost-effective measurement of UV-A radiation.
» Measurement Units: Calibration factors for photon flux density units [µmol m-2 s-1] and energy flux density [W m-2] are provided with each sensor allowing for rapid unit conversions.

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