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Pollen Analyser

Flow Cytometer (Pollen Analyser) Model Ampha Z-32:
» New Generation Impedance Flow Cytometer (Patented)
» Suitable for the analysis of single cells with cell size, morphology, viability (apoptosis), cell differentiation Ampha Z-32
» This innovative technology allows determination of: Pollen viability, Pollen count, Developmental Stage & Pollen Ploidy
» Ideal for field and lab application
» Analyze more than 10’000 pollen per minute and get reliable results 

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Pollen Analyser Model Ampha P-20 :
» The Ampha P20 Pollen Analyzer takes pollen analysis to the next level!
» Faster, easy to use, and portable: these are the innovative features of the Ampha P20, making pollen analysis in plant breeding, production research and seed production much more efficient.
» Inbuilt display, Portable, Easy to Use, Automated Data Analysis
» Ideal for field and quick measurements

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