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Canopy Analyser(Leaf Area Index)

Plant Canopy Analyser Model CI - 110 :
» Single measurement for data collection and suitable for any sky condition(Not depend on clear sky conditions)
» Inbuilt GPS, High resolution Image to accurately measure Plant Canopy
» Inbuilt Touchscreen Display with live view image of Canopy

» Memory :  > 1000 data sets, Scanning time : less than second
» Hemispherical Lens (0 to 150°) to capture Canopy of very small(>30cm) to large trees
» 24 PAR sensor with Measuring Handle to measure Sunflecks

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Plant Canopy Analyser Model WinsCANOPY :
» WinSCANOPY is a digital image analyser for canopy and solar radiations analysis which measures leaf area index (LAI), gap fraction, canopy openness, site factors, NDVI and much more. It works from hemispherical images taken by a digital camera and a fisheye lens or from cover images with a narrower view angle.
» WinSCANOPY system is made of : (A) Image acquisition hardware : camera with calibrated fisheye lens and (B) Software programs which consist of WinSCANOPY (Mini, Reg or Pro) for hemispherical and cover image analysis and XLScanopy for data visualization

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